2.5 Hr Horse Drawn Wagonette tour from Sheffield to Stoodley Forest Arboretum/return

Experience a unique Clydesdale horse drawn tour along the Tasmanian Trail to visit the enchanting Stoodley Forest Arboretum . Enjoy the beautiful countryside, the possibility of spotting Paddy Melons (small compact short tailed wallabies) and a variety of bird life, all the while embracing the old world charm of travel. It’s a truly unforgettable journey that combines nature, wildlife, and the peacefulness of the past.

On your journey you will be protected from the elements though bring a jumper and we will have a few clean blankets for you to snuggle if need be.

Don’t miss out!

Costs: $450.00 up to four people
$112.50 per extra person
9ppl Max


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